Jae Hoon Lee

b. 1973

For the past ten years I have lived in different countries, including Korea, America, and New Zealand.
 When I immigrated to New Zealand I began documenting my daily life by using a flatbed scanner to record the changes in my skin. From this point, the body became a fundamental element to all my artworks and I have always attempted to project a sense of the body in different times and spaces.

I believe I am leading a nomadic existence through relocating myself between different cultural territories. In order to assemble an image bank that refers to my experience as a cultural wanderer, I have mainly been collecting source materials in New Zealand, Korea and other countries I have recently visited.

My daily collecting habit has so far expanded to also include natural elements such as leaves, urban scenes, daily objects and banal accidents (random situations and happenings on the street etc).

2012               Graduated Doctorate of Fine Art, University of Auckland
2001               Graduated MFA, University of Auckland
1999-2000     Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland
1998               Graduated BFA, San Francisco Art Institute
1996-1998     San Francisco Art Institute

Grants and Awards
Creative New Zealand 2010
Antarctica New Zealand Arts Fellowship 2011

Selected Exhibitions

2015 Omnipresent, Trish Clarke Gallery, Auckland

2013 Untouched as Unknown, Corban Estate Arts Centre, Auckland

Antarctic Fever, Starkwhite, Auckland
Day and Night and day, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington

Unguided Tour: Landa Award Exhibition, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, (Aus)
El Barroco de Aotearoa, MUCA Roma Gallery, Mexico City, (Mexico)   
Code Unknown, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington
Nomad, Gallery, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney, (Aus)
Ground Zero, Starkwhite, Auckland
2008 Jae Hoon Lee and Daniel Crooks, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, (Aus)