Jill Kennedy

b. 1981

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Jill Kennedy lives in London. She took degrees in Design at Auckland’s Unitec Institute of Technology, majoring first in painting (2002) and then animation (2006).  

Following the experimental animation that emerged from her later studies, Jill developed the concept for New Educational Series. This collection screened at numerous local and international venues, including museums, film festivals, as well as public and private galleries. Jill's work has gained attention from artists such as Mark Braunias, with whom she worked to animate a number of his drawings.  

The soundtracks for the New Educational Series collection and the Braunias collaborations were composed and produced by time based media artist John Payne, with whom Jill continues to work.

Selected Exhibitions
Paul Nache Gallery, Gisborne
Who Said That?, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington
Burster Flipper Wobbler Dripper Spinner Stacker Shaker Maker, Christchurch Art Gallery, Christchurch

Encyclo Dimensional, Bath Street Gallery, Auckland
Christmas Watching, Paul Nache Gallery, Gisborne

2012 Eyes on the Moon, Gus Fisher Gallery, The University of Auckland