Lucien Rizos

b. 1953

Lucien Rizos is a photographer, musician and and video maker who lives in Wellington. He has exhibited in a number of group and solo exhibitions since the late-1970s. 

Since joining the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra as a violinist in 1974, Rizos has travelled widely within New Zealand, using the opportunity to record still and moving image observations of day to day life in town and country.

In 2010 he released a collection of photographs entitled A Man Walks Out Of A Bar. Originally taken between 1979-82 whilst touring New Zealand with the orchestra, Rizos' portraits were described by Peter Ireland as "… moments of compelling ordinariness that add up to something very specific indeed".

Rizos has worked sporadically with video, and in the manner that has characterized much of his art practice has recently begun to revisit images shot in the recent past. In 2010 he presented Musicians at Work, a collection of video portraits of street musicians videoed in locations around the country.

Lucien Rizos photo by Rosemary Harris.

Selected Exhibitions & Screenings


Flying Carpet, Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland

OgoGago, CIRCUIT / Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, Auckland

Unposed Portraits, Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland

OgoGago, CIRCUIT / City Gallery Wellington
History in the Taking, Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland
Streets We Have Known, Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland

Cinema & Painting, Adam Art Gallery / CIRCUIT

Musicians At Work, New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington

Te Awamutu through Kihikihi, Photospace Gallery, Wellington

Fifty New Zealand Photographs, Millennium Art Gallery, Blenheim
Fringes and Backgrounds, Photospace Gallery, Wellington

2007 New Zealand Photographs 1979-1982, Photospace Gallery, Wellington
2005 Where I Find Myself, Work 1974-2005, City Gallery Wellington
1995 My Relationship With Cartier Bresson, New Work Studio, Wellington
1994 Lest We Forget: Photography, Memory and National Character, City Gallery Wellington
1988 Alexander Turnbull Library archives entire Documentary Style photographic output: negatives, prints, and seven books in photocopy form
1987 My Relationship With The Old Masters, Exposures Gallery, Wellington
1985 McDonald's Corner, Exposures Gallery, Wellington
1984 McDonald's Corner, Real Pictures Gallery, Auckland
1980 Contact sheets and prints, New Zealand Photos, PhotoForum Gallery, Wellington