Maria O'Connor

b. 1965

Maria O’Connor (1965, Auckland, New Zealand) engages approaches to critical-poetic writing and filmmaking that express literary and philosophical underpinnings.

She is an academic (AUT University, 2000—) and supervisors primarily creative-led PhDs as well as other postgraduate research within the fields of art and design. She is the Programme Coordinator for the Art and Design PhD and MPhil programmes. Her supervision circulates around the practices of spatial design, installation, film, institutional critique and creative writing with candidates that have strong philosophical underpinnings in relation to themes of belonging, ethics, memory, space and sexuality. With a PhD in literature and philosophy (2007) that questions sexual difference and its relation to language, her ongoing creative explorations with the essay-film genre critically and conceptually pursues aesthetics of encounter in relation to difference (animal, sexual, human).

Selected Exhibitions
Dark Light, Single Chanel Digital Video ‘Essay-Film’ (Running Time 74 mins), Exhibited as an Installation at Animal Encounters: Performance, Animality and Posthumanism, University of Roehampton, London, (UK)
Dark Light, Single Chanel Digital Video ‘Essay-Film’ (Running Time 74 mins): Exhibited as film screening at Film-Philosophy Conference 2014: A World of Cinemas, University of Glasgow, (Scotland)
Dark Light, Essay-Film screening for the Centre of Lacanian Analysis, with response by Dr Irene Lee
Dark Light, Essay-Film screening for CoLab Events (AUT)

2010 Desiccations: The Darkness of Light’s Sweep, Digital Video Single Chanel, Running Time: 11:00mins, Exhibited at Sexuate Subjects: Politics, Poetics & Ethics, University College London, London (UK)