Megan Dunn

b. 1974

Megan Dunn graduated from the Intermedia department of Elam in 1998 and was co-director of the artist run space Fiat Lux in Auckland during the late nineties. During this period she made and exhibited appropriated videos, cutting up mainstream movies into short experimental works. Her videos were at once homages and parasites, exploiting the master narratives of the original films they were based on. E.g. In Dunn’s version of Labyrinth, Jennifer Connelly struggles to live up to the lulling voice of a self-help tape that urges her to ‘love herself’ and ‘trust she is worthwhile.’ Is America A Good Place for Genius features Kim Basinger masturbating, beneath the dewy frivolity of an animation sequence from Fantasia’s The Nutcracker Suite. Dunn often used the work of Walt Disney to good effect. She may be one of the only 24 year olds to rent Snow White from Video Ezy over twenty five times. Her main themes were: herself, beautiful actresses like Daryl Hannah, life’s many disappointments, popular culture and MTV.

After becoming frustrated with the conceptual and commercial limitations of producing appropriated video art, she moved to London in 2001. She lived in England for the next ten years, working in bookstores and writing her own stories. She has a Masters in Creative Writing with Distinction from the University of East Anglia. Dunn was always interested in the subtext. She still is. All the same concerns and conundrums that confounded her in art, now confound her in print.

Selected Exhibitions
 The Brain, Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, Auckland
2003 The Slumber Party, Room 103, Auckland

Parallel Worlds, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
The Way We Were – The Best of Fiat Lux, Manawatu Gallery, Palmerston North

A Forest, Artspace, Auckland
In Glorious Dreams – new art by women, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth

1999 Obsession, Fiat Lux, Auckland

The Dark Crystal, Room 3, Auckland
Leap of Faith – Contemporary New Zealand Art, Govett-Brewster, New Plymouth
Come – New Artists, Artspace, Auckland

Parallel Worlds 2001
In Glorious Dreams – new art by women 2000
Leap of Faith – Contemporary New Zealand Art 1998
Come – New Artists 1998
Megan Dunn photo by Ann Shelton
Megan Dunn is a guest panelist on the June 2014 episode of CIRCUIT CAST