Samin Son

b. 1988

"Samin Son works in painting, videography, photography, curation, performance art, sound production, live concerts as an acoustic and electronic musician. Born in Seoul, Korea and has been based in New Zealand for many years of his life and currently based in Berlin Germany. His art works including(video, sound, performance presentations) have featured and toured in projects and shows in museums, galleries, art fairs and venues and happenings in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Morocco, UK, Denmark, Slovenia, Macedonia, Portugal and Poland up to date."

CIRCUIT Resources

Podcast (2014)
Interview with Mark Williams (2012)

Selected Exhibitions

The Power that Subdivides (solo), MEANWHILE, Wellington

Peripheral Visions, group performance series curated by Samin Son and Alexa Wilson and featuring performances by Samin Son, various venues, Berlin, Germany

SOLO, Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt
Work & Play (solo), group performance series curated by and featuring a performance by Samin Son, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin

Samin Son TV (solo), The New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington
Samin Son TV, Belgrade Triennial of Extended Media, Czech Republic

The Subconscious Restaurant, White Fungus, various venues, New Zealand