The Parasitic Fantasy Band

Expanded cinema and ecstatic 16mm/8mm film and sound performances by Eve Gordon and Sam Hamilton.

“...modified multi-screen 16mm works, structuralist light refractions, phasing optical illusions, ecstatic colour tapestries, pseudo-anthropologic mystic fictional direct film story telling, kinetic alchemical rhythms, hypnotic flicker dreams, trapeze interventions with narratives blueprinted from the life cycles of migrating sea birds...” 
The Parasitic Fantasy Band use multiple projections, sound and acrobatics to create “an ecstatic engagement of the senses... an activation of the space around you and the inhabitants sharing that space with you”.
While they have also created single channel films and pieces for gallery installation, they describe their live performances as their prime mode of “open(ing) up the possibilities of cinema”. They describe a Parasitic Fantasy Band performance as “an active, energetic and truly experiential platform for engaging with people, minds and imaginations”.
Their live performances include a variety of modes, methods and equipment - “multiple film projectors, bending mirrors, light fracturing objects, organic materials, gongs, electronics, activations and interventions, droning resonating strings on projectors, textural electronics, computational story telling and forest field recordings hand collected from the Amazon jungles of South America.”
They cite cinematic reference points for their work including “Metamkine, Guy Sherwin and the London Film-Makers Co-op, Tony Conrad, Len Lye, Harry Smith, Abject Leader, Arthur and Corrine Cantrill. Most of whom we have been excited to personally work with" via collaboration, hosting, screening or workshops.
The Parasitic Fantasy Band have performed internationally at venues including “cinema houses, scummy city service alleyways, art galleries, museums and the Outback desert of Australia.” The Parasitic Fantasy Band are also active organisers and curators of experimental film activity in Auckland.