Podcast Posted Mar 16, 2017
By Mark Amery

“How does your native soul inform your work?” This week on the podcast, host Mark Amery sits down with broadcasting legend Tainui Stephens at the launch of the 2017 Māoriland Film Festival in Ōtaki, to discuss indigenous modes of exchange and distribution.

Posted Mar 7, 2017
By Hamish Win

Subjects overlap, one page bleeds through onto another, just as Lacey’s dual screens similarly replicate the process. It is palimpsestic, but it is also method. There is a clarity of the image, and then a mutating of the senses.

Writing Posted Feb 23, 2017
By Matthew Crookes

"A ruin, in the process of its ruination, takes on a new identity". Matthew Crookes looks at Brit Bunkley's recent Berlin installation Ghost Shelters and surveys a career intersecting public sculpture, digital materiality and the abject.

Podcast Posted Feb 13, 2017
By Mark Amery

Do you make art? What does it smell like? Does it fit in a paddling pool?

Writing Posted Feb 7, 2017
By Mark Williams

Could Tonga be the largest country in the world? How would such a concept be supported in the context of globalization and the TPPA?

Interview Posted Jan 26, 2017
By Mark Williams

An interview with curator Lawrence McDonald about PALeo Neo Video - Chapters from the history of video art in New Zealand 1970-1990s, an ambitious and largely undocumented survey of artist moving image practice that was staged in 1999.

Writing Posted Jan 18, 2017
By Victoria Wynne-Jones

Victoria Wynne-Jones writes on Potentially Yours, The Coming Community curated by Tendai John Mutambu, ARTSPACE 10 November 10 – 22 December 2016

Writing Posted Jan 2, 2017
By Hamish Win

Hal Foster provides a useful account of the late ‘80s embrace of the abject as a turn from ‘the real understood as an effect of representation… to the real seen as an event of trauma’.(i) This shift from a preoccupation with the sign as a circulating object of discourse to an empha

Podcast Posted Dec 20, 2016
By Mark Amery

How do we create indigenous spaces in our institutions? How do we create spaces for new voices? Our 2016 end of year pod took place immediately after a wānanga on curating indigenous art at Takapūwāhia Marae and Pātaka Art + Museum, and a subsequent panel at City Gallery Wellington.

Podcast Posted Dec 12, 2016
By Mark Amery

Location!… location? Mike Heynes' new commission for Masons Screen addresses one of the most urgent issues for many New Zealanders, housing affordablity. Host Mark Amery talks to Heynes about responding to current events, and how technology enables political action. As Masons Screen approaches its' first anniversary Mark Amery also talks to CIRCUIT Director Mark Williams about the dialogue between previous works and the screens site in the downtown business district, opposite a fashion school.

Writing Posted Dec 6, 2016
By Mark Williams

The Bends is an ambitious 11 part movie which mixes global geographical locations with augmented realities. Created by New Zealander Andrew de Freitas and collaborators, The Bends is released online using a variety of online sites as hosts for each chapter, including CIRCUIT. Watch thebends/watch?v=BEtT3r=L1viN9_3VerYb0Dy below.