Call for Papers: CIRCUIT Symposium 2019: From Me To You

The history of artists moving image is one of first-person voices. From Jonas Mekas to Sadie Benning, from Charlotte Prodger to Sione Monu, artist film-makers have used themselves and the everyday as material, asserting a radically personal encounter with the world and their place within it. In turn, their work has served to critique the embedded codes of gender, privilege and representation in dominant cultures both onscreen and off. Alongside the diaristic voice, artists’ have placed the artists own hand on the camera, using the 8mm camera and the iphone as an extension of the body, and a reminder of the artists’ presence in the work.

This 2019 CIRCUIT Symposium From Me To You invites papers responding to the following questions;

What is the boundary between the personal and the political in artists moving image work? Where does art begin in the diaristic? How can an artist’s personal experiences address collective problems? How are artists using social media platforms to invert private and public space and make carefully orchestrated work where the personal is made public, and shareable? How are new moving image technologies assisting in the construction of artists’ identities? How do they help build like-minded creative communities online and off? Does the ephemeral nature of these platforms change what artists choose to make and disclose? By contrast, what are some of the issues in using found footage from archives and home movies to make new artistic works? Across all of these differing contexts, where does consent lie? What is the role of the audience in witnessing the personal?

Deadline for proposals: Weds 21 August
Send proposals to: Mark Williams <director(at)>

From Me To You is the 7th CIRCUIT Symposium, and will be presented on Saturday 5 October 2019 at Newtown Community Centre, Wellington.

From Me To You is part of AURA Festival of Artist Moving Images, a new annual event presented by CIRCUIT. Details TBC.