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Posted Dec 10, 2015
By Mark Amery

How do we talk about what can’t be spoken? Thai artist Sutthirat Supaprinya discusses her recent installation at Toi Pōneke Arts Centre in Wellington entitled STEAL THIS BOOK. Reflecting on censorship, misinformation and buried histories, she talks about art’s role in illuminating the past and present.

Posted Nov 12, 2015
By Mark Williams

Women appear, but on whose terms? In this recording from the Experimenta Archive programme of the 2015 London Film Festival, Lucy Reynolds (artist, writer and Course Leader of MRes Art: Moving Image, Central Saint Martins) chairs a discussion on how women artists are represented in the history of experimental film. Panellists include Charlotte Procter (Collections Manager of LUX & Member of the Cinenova Working Group), Maud Jacquin (independent scholar and writer) and Mark Williams (Director of CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand) and co-curator of the Experimenta screening Joanna Margaret Paul: I am an open window.

Posted Oct 8, 2015
By Mark Amery

On the phone from Sydney, Jae Hoon Lee talks to Mark Amery about showing his work in a hotel at the Spring 1883 art fair, how his practice draws on Eastern spiritual philosophy and his recent residency at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

Posted Sep 24, 2015
By Mark Amery

Art vs Architecture? Ego vs Id? In this pod we review Demented Architecture at City Gallery Wellington and discuss whether the show sets out to present the two disciplines as the best of enemies. Host Mark Amery is joined by regular guests Martin Patrick and Thomasin Sleigh.

Posted Aug 20, 2015
By Mark Amery

Where does your mind go? Christina Read talks to Mark Amery about her installation The Brain, now on at Te Uru Waitakere which brings together 15 artists works in an idiosyncratic spatial and conceptual diagram of a brain.

Posted Aug 6, 2015
By Mark Amery

How does a film-maker respond to a poem? Nova Paul talks to Mark Amery about the making of her film Still Light and film maker Joanna Paul's 'radical simplicity'.

Posted Jul 29, 2015
By Mark Amery

“Someone puts (up) a British flag and says ‘there’s nothing here’”.

Posted Jul 23, 2015
By Mark Amery

Ahead of his presentation at the upcoming CIRCUIT symposium, Shannon Te Ao talks to Mark Amery about Joanna Paul, poetry and the politics of domestic space.

Posted Jul 9, 2015
By Mark Amery

In this podcast Janine Randerson discusses her upcoming collaboration with CIRCUIT for the New Zealand Film Festival entitled Place Unmaking, featuring work by Alex Monteith, Richard Von Sturmer, Layne Waerea, Tim Wagg and others.