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Posted Apr 23, 2012
By Melanie Oliver
Bodytok Quintet

In Melanesian pidgin, ‘toktok’ is a term for conversation.

Posted Apr 10, 2012
By Yves

Welcome to the first edition of NEW MEDIA WORLD OLD MEDIA WORLD, brought to you by guest columnist Yves. In this edition of NMW-OMW, Yves brings you Easter reflections, Hennesy Youngman, the bubbling enthusiasm of Venezuelan artist The Passion and finally, the re-incarnation of F Mercury.

Posted Apr 3, 2012
By Mark Williams
Vera Mey at the St Paul St curatorial symposium

With 120 registrations, the recent St Paul St Curatorial Symposium was clearly a case of right issue, right timing.

Posted Mar 15, 2012
By Mark Williams

Murray Hewitt's videos mix social commentary with a healthy dose of humour and absurdism. His work reflects on the excesses of late 20th century capitalism, the lingering effects of colonisation and points of conflict in contemporary New Zealand.

Posted Feb 24, 2012
By Mark Williams

“Articulating the past historically does not mean recognising it ‘the way it really was’. It means appropriating a memory as it flashes up at a moment of danger” - Walter Benjamin.

Posted Feb 24, 2012
By Mark Williams
Max Bellamy - Avail

Presented at the Southland Museum over summer 2012, Max Bellamy’s installation Borrowed Time offers up five contrasting chapters of ecological peril.