Writing Posted May 27, 2013
By Thomasin Sleigh

The word ‘immersive’ has always been problematic for me. I think because in some instances it has been anaesthetised by art speak (and I am guilty of this as much as anyone).

Podcast Posted May 20, 2013
By Mark Amery

NZ's finest art podcast returns! This month; the Auckland Triennial has kicked off promising a glimpse of Auckland's future - but does it deliver? Andrew Clifford reports.

Writing Posted May 4, 2013
By Jamie Hanton

Someone Else features eight international and New Zealand artists with six videos contributed by the international contingent, and three two-dimensional pieces - two photographs and a vinyl on vinyl work - from New Zealanders Edith Amituanai, Ronnie van Hout, and Sharon Margaret Russell.

Podcast Posted Apr 18, 2013
By Mark Amery

CRITICS & CRITICISM: This month Mark Amery & guests address the vexed issue of Criticism in New Zealand and Australia. Has the proliferation of new art forms made it difficult to critique art? How do we develop bold young critical voices?

Writing Posted Mar 28, 2013
By Mark Williams

When is a video an artwork? How does representation on CIRCUIT support the collection of moving image works?

Writing Posted Mar 13, 2013
By Megan Dunn

The Aachen Faxes is a simple striking video of white text on a black background. The text is taken from a series of faxes Julian Dashper sent to his partner Marie Shannon during his Aachen residency in 1995. The soundtrack is fittingly maudlin, a lone cello played by Dashper’s brother.

Podcast Posted Mar 1, 2013
By Mark Amery

CIRCUIT CAST - Today we launch our monthly podcast of discussion and review, CIRCUIT CAST.

Writing Posted Feb 11, 2013
By Andrew Clifford

The passing of time is a slippery experience, difficult to pin down and usually different in retrospect.

Writing Posted Jan 28, 2013
By Jamie Hanton
Yael Bartana, ...And Europe will be Stunned, Zamach (Assassination) 2011(film still). Courtesy of Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam and Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv

I was extremely excited to learn that the Dunedin Public Art Gallery had secured the Govett Brewster's touring exhibition True Stories / Scripted Realities.

Writing Posted Jan 14, 2013
By Mark Amery

Back in the early 1990s, friend, artist and then ELAM School of Fine Arts intermedia student Tessa Laird enlisted my participation in making a video.