The Quarry - Susanna Bauer

Toi Pōneke Gallery
Nov 16, 2018 to Dec 8, 2018

The exhibition takes Man in the Holocene, a 1979 novel by Swiss author Max Frisch, as its departure point. The narrative speaks of rocks and fossils, the fear of forgetting and the meaning of human existence within the flow of geological time.

This project considers the material remains of human engagement with the world - the ruins and artefacts that we leave behind, as traces that mark the continuation of the past into the future. Archaeology is attune to the scatter of fragments spread throughout layers of sediment, and to the gaps and discontinuities of the material record. The Quarry explores a ‘fictional archaeology’ that considers the temporality of ruins, imprints and fossilised states as an alternative, non-chronological approach to the meaning-making of the past in the present.

Susanna Bauer uses processes of transformation between object and image, and between abstraction and referentiality to capture the journey of traces across time. The installation brings these together as video projections and object displays.