EKARE - "3"


“The footage acts as a timestamp of the millennial child I am; childhood of VHS tapes + experiencing teens through the internet. It holds an idea of digital water, which … suggests a sort of metaphor for helplesness / overwhelmingness / heaviness, which I have tried to control via editing. The function of the work is also an expression of anger towards representations of femininity which I have been continuously fed through media consumption. As well as simultaneously flipping the hatred and embracing the cuteness and ridiculousness.

EKARE - 3" plays with experimental sound art, an angry, aggressive and purposely harsh sound. The collaboration uses themes which fall into an internet aesthetic of mixing high and low culture, and purposely doing it kind of badly. The footage is from two an old VHS tapes, Giggles and Bubbles (Disney Princess), and Wildlife Symphony. This has been digitally imported, and then hacked at within Premiere Pro. The editing process is ridiculously sporadic, as violent as the sound, and then cleaned up to work with timing of the audio.” - LD


Sound: Piupiui-Maya Ture, Jos van Beek
Visual: Laura Duffy