Self-Portrait as a Spanish Anarchist


(Self) Portrait of a Spanish Anarchist is a series of 3 vignettes based on the Spanish Revolution of 1936. The first vignette is a simple fly-over of a circular semi underground ring lined with embossed posters of the Spanish civil war. The second section includes brief clips of the anarchists in Spain 1936-37, a quick snapshot of a contemporary anarchist segueing into chaotic phenomenon. In the grand tradition of the self-portrait, the third vignette encompasses a still of two members of the CNT in which one's face slowly morphs into mine, while segueing into 3D model of my head (a unique 3D facial scan by Geometric Informatics). Iconic symbols of workers organizations of the Spanish Republic move across my forehead. The final vignette encompasses an old fashioned megaphone extended from a wall. The soundtrack that backs the first 1/2 of the overall video is El Tren Blindado by the band the Ex from the CD/book 1936 The Spanish Revolution. (They have given their permission.)