Take me as yourself


A video based on cultivated bacteria from a lovers kiss. "The video was presented in MEANWHILE's window gallery in 2018 alongside a tape work by Jordanna Bragg. I also displayed a work in the main gallery section of the show which was an agar plate illuminated by a light, hoping to catch bacteria from people's bodies. This work was under the same title - Take Me as Yourself." - LD

Artist Statement:

Fruits cultivated from a lovers kiss.
Micro-worlds of bacteria co-exist within my sin hole, exchanging their bodies with mine. 
My inner workings are disrupted by teeth press together releasing floods of horny cells into a the depths of my bloodstream. I begin to stink of disintegration. A freak accident reminds me I am vulnerable; i am a squirming, slurping, living creature. Our lord bacteria is the origin of the human species!!! 
The living depends on bacteria for processes of digestion
The majority of living organisms on planet earth would make little sense of the human binary classification. Bacteria cross species barriers, perform hyper sex, pass on pure genes through meiosis, shuffle genes and successfully resist death.
Darling wee bacteria defy and undo understandings of sexual difference (sex, gender & sexuality)  by revealing the bias conceptual separation of “natural” and “culture” as a political perspective. 

Installation Shots: as part of the group exhibition Office Party, MEANWHILE Gallery 2018