we are the gods of our own universe (Hive Mind)


"There are limitations and constraints to our understanding of the world. How we perceive our world is filtered through language, a language that humans created. If we created the words that frame all of our experiences, then we have built our own consciousness as language is the condition upon which you are able to experience. Hive Mind considers the idea that we are the gods of our own universe!!" - LD

we are the gods of our own universe is one of three video channels from Hive Mind, an installation originally presented at the Engine Room, Wellington, 2018. Watch the remaining two channels observer and the word became flesh. Hive Mind was developed through a conversation in images between Laura Duffy and Maddy Plimmer, facilitated by Sean Burn. View the artists online image conversation here.

For more info see The Engine Room and Salient.

Installation Shot: Hive Mind, The Engine Room, Massey University, Wellington (2018)