Circuit Podcast

Posted Sep 25, 2019
By Mark Williams

On the phone from Sydney, Chevron Hassett talks to Mark Amery about Mauri Tū, The First Breath of Light (2019) showing as part of Home Movies, this Saturday 28 September 10am-4pm in Wellington. The work visualises the sunrise over Te Moana Nui a Kiwi (The Pacific Ocean) at Rangitikuia, East Cape just North of Gisborne, into the lands of the Ngāti Porou.

Posted May 25, 2015
By Mark Amery

"I'm more interested in shows with smaller budgets but bigger ideas".

Posted May 13, 2015
By Mark Amery

“I wanted to be very ambitious at a time when it looked like the economy was collapsing”. 

Posted Apr 28, 2015
By Mark Amery

In this podcast Mark Amery talks to pioneer pop artist and conceptualist Billy Apple about his survey at Auckland Art Gallery The Artist Has to Live Like Everybody Else. Apple reflects on his collaboration with Nam Jun Paik, his willingness to be cloned and his work with agencies from Saatchi and Saatchi to Womens Refuge.


Posted Apr 16, 2015
By Mark Amery

What makes a group of works an exhibition? How does one translate a public art action into the gallery? How does art give witness to catastrophe? These and other big questions on this CIRCUIT CAST as Emil Dryburgh, Mark Jackson and host Mark Amery review the recent St Paul St show Invisible Energy.

Posted Apr 2, 2015
By Mark Amery

What makes a video a performance? In this podcast Mark Amery interviews Denise Batchelor and Erica Sklenars about their work in the The Performance Arcade, an annual festival of “installation, performance art, sonic art, audio-visual art, interactive media, culinary art and live music” presented in shipping containers on the Wellington waterfront.

Posted Mar 19, 2015
By Mark Amery

In our first pod for 2015 we discuss the online component of The Drowned World, an exhibition of student work curated by Daniel Satele for Tautai Pacific Arts Trust. Featuring panellists Claudia Arozqueta, Thomasin Sleigh and host Mark Amery.

Posted Dec 11, 2014
By Mark Amery

What were the best exhibitions of 2014? Best emerging artist? Best art writing? Did the public programme taken over the exhibition? Are you cuddling a Care Bear? Megan Dunn, Martin Patrick and host Mark Amery ask the important questions about the year that was, with email best-of's from Pod regular Thomasin Sleigh.

Posted Nov 25, 2014
By Mark Amery

In this edition of CIRCUIT Cast we interview Tahi Moore about his recent show at Hopkinson Mossman Psyche Rebuild and discuss how his practice investigates the gap between thought and language; in our round table discussion our guests Mark Jackson and Ahilapalapa Rands discuss the Auckland Art G

Posted Nov 12, 2014
By Mark Amery

In this CIRCUIT podcast we take a break from our usual three-act format to interview Adnan Yıldız, incoming director of Artspace Auckland. Adnan talks about research, collaboration and his vision for Artspace. Additional comments from acting Artspace Director Anna Gardner. Your interviewer as always is Mark Amery.

Edited by Callum Devlin. 

Posted Oct 20, 2014
By Mark Amery

In this months CIRCUIT Cast; William Kentridge’s The Refusal of Time is discussed in front of a live audience at City Gallery Wellington by host Mark Amery, panellists Thomasin Sleigh and Martin Patrick and an audience member; in part 2 we talk to Simon Denny mid-install for The Personal Effects of Kim Dotcom at the Adam Art Gallery, and in part 3 we begin a new monthly feature on artist-run spaces by talking to Henry Davidson about Auckland's Gloria Knight.