Call for Proposals - Masons Screen Commissions 2019

Installation Shot: Masons Screen, Bent, art for no-one (2014)

Call for Proposals: Three new commissions of $500 are offered for Wellington's Masons Screen, to be shown November 2019 - January 2020. CIRCUIT will also commission an essay on the three works, to be published onsite during the run of the works. 

A single monitor embedded in a walkway between the Terrace and Lambton Quay, Masons Screen is seen by hundreds of commuters each day moving between the the nodes of government, shopping and transport. According to a 1913 letter to the Dominion newspaper, 'Mason’s Steps' were named after Mr William Mason, who arrived in Wellington in 1842 and ran a blacksmith’s shop at the back of the site. “In those days… there was nothing more than a rough track through the manuka scrub”Supported by Wellington City Council and programmed by CIRCUIT, Masons Screen was established in 2016. Since then, over 40 video works have been shown.

Please send a proposal of up to 300 words, an artist bio and hyperlinks to examples of previous work to Mark Williams <>.

Each proposal should consider the nature of public space, the fleeting (yet repeated) engagement of passers by, and the need for an ambient, intermittent or silent soundtrack.

Deadline for proposals: 15 July 2019.