Mason's Screen

Still from One who goes quickly (2019) Max Fleury and Bena Jackson

Mason’s Screen is a 24 hour public screen for artists video. Supported by Wellington City Council and programmed by CIRCUIT, Mason’s Screen is located off the Terrace and presents a new artist work each month.

To send submissions of existing works, please contact Mark Williams, Works must be by New Zealand or New Zealand-based artists. In submitting your work please consider the nature of public space. Please send an online link with your submission, plus a synopsis and a short bio.

Current Work (runs 16 January to 12 February 2020)
Max Fleury and Bena Jackson, One who goes quickly (2019)
Digital Video, Sound, 5 minutes

Synopsis: Visiting various sites with an E-Scooter, lemons, some sauce, and a woollen jumper, Max Fleury and Bena Jackson try to understand not only the formal beauty of E-Scooters but their essence.

Previous Works

Rangituhia Hollis, Across the face of the moon (2019)

Rachel O'Neill, Not My Autobiography? (2019)
Jamie Berry (Te Aitanga a Māhaki, Rongowhakaata, Ngāti Porou, Ngā Puhi); Pikihuia Haenga (Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Toa, Ngātoi Porou); Leala Faleseuga (Samoan/Salelologa, Dutch); Breaking the Glass Ceiling (2018)
Florence Wild, Cast Movements: Leitmotif (2017)
Layne Waerea, Maori Lane: Oct 08, 2012 (2012)
Ziggy Lever, Beam Splitting (2017)
Clinton Watkins, Feedback (2010)
Judy Darragh, Tunnel of Love (2003)
Kate Walker, Cloudship (2018)
Bent, art for no-one (2014)
John Chrisstoffels, Ritornello (2018)
Miranda Bellamy, Drip, release, in complete memory (2018)

Talia Smith, The light between two points (2018)
Martin Rumsby, SOJOURNS (2018)
Dilohana Lekamge, Pilot - Gilmore Girls: Season 1, Episode 1 (2018)
Elisabeth Pointon, A Guide To: Effective Implementation of Self-service (2017)
Aydriannah Tuiali’i, Kōwhai (2017)
James Oram, Wallpaper (2012)
Sam Hamilton, More of less rubbish (2017)
Sandy Gibbs, Lighting an Old Flame (2017)
Mark Harvey, Let's Go! (2017)
Claire Harris, Beseated (2016)
Christina Read, The Brain My Brain (2016)
Lara Lindsay-Parker, Sad @ the beach (2017)

Matilda Fraser, The Eight Hours Plan (2017)
Guillaume Cailleau, Funktionslust (2017)

Anna Iti, All the way to Te Rerenga Wairua (2017)
Sriwhana Spong, Learning Duets (2012) / Beach Study (2012)
Melissa Irving, being-(t)here (2012)
Robyn Jordaan, The Present Continuous (2016)
Mike Ting, Kind of Blue (2016)
Sam Norton, Untitled 3 (2015)
Aliyah Winter, Eli Jenkins Prayer (2015)
Hugh Chesterman, i am who i am (who am i?) (2016)
Chris Ulutupu, Ladies (2016)

Kate Woods, Water Feature (2016)
Mike Heynes Location!… location? (2016)
Sarah Jane Parton, The Best Trick (Everyone Smiles at Hotel Smile) (2016)
Bridget Reweti, Mana Tū, Mana Toa, Mana Ake Ake (2015)
Gabrielle Amodeo, Slow and mournfully; slow and sad; slow and solemnly (2013)
Caroline Johnston, Songs about PLEASE REMOVE (2014)
Heather Hayward, Les Mills Gym (2014)
Erica Sklenars, Popsicle (2011)
Jordana Bragg, How to water the roses (3) (2015)
Laura Duffy, Food fat insanity (2015)
Terry Urbahn, Don't Die Until Later (2013)
Denise Batchelor, Stranded (2015)

Site History
According to a 1913 letter to the Dominion newspaper, 'Mason’s Steps' were named after Mr William Mason, who arrived in Wellington in 1842 and ran a blacksmith’s shop at the back of the site. 
“In those days… there was nothing more than a rough track through the manuka scrub”. Then, as now, the Lane was used as a short cut from Lambton Quay to the Terrace. In 2019, the Lane is more likely to be a passageway for morning commuters and lunchtime office workers seeking a quick bite before they return to work.