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Posted Oct 6, 2021
By Mark Williams

“We see our surroundings, but we don't see what people think of them” - Max Fleury

Public space, the lifecycle of everyday objects, and clashing ideas of value; Max Fleury discusses four works on CIRCUIT that include collaborations with Anna Brimer, Bena Jackson, and Sabina Rizos-Shaw.

Posted Jul 8, 2021
By Israel Randell
A person in their 20's sits in front of three neon lit pink sculptures which are hung on the wall. The panels look like digital versions of the traditional Māori tukutuku panel

“I’m paying homage to all the things that we shouldn’t forget about, you know?” - Kauri Wharewera

Curator Israel Randell talks to Kauri Wharewera about his Matariki commission for Masons Screen entitled Te Kahui o Matariki. They discuss the meaning of each Matariki star represented in the video work, and consider the potential of contemporary media to tell indigenous stories.

Posted May 5, 2021
By Lana Lopesi

What is sovereignty? Is it innate and universal, or something to be contested and won, in a given place and time?

Posted Oct 9, 2019
By David Hall

"Where did we get to, David, in terms of Australia and New Zealand relations?" - Cushla Donaldson

501s is a work by Cushla Donaldson which invited prisoners detained under the Australian Immigration Act of 2014 to participate in the live streaming component of an installation at the Melbourne Art Fair in 2018. The project highlighted the plight of approximately 1300 New Zealand citizens held without criminal charges by the Australian government on suspicion of 'criminal conduct'. 501s is now showing in The Shouting Valley: Interrogating the Borders Between Us a group exhibition at Auckland's Gus Fisher Gallery until 14 December.

Posted Dec 1, 2018
By Mark Williams

As part of an exchange with Enjoy Gallery in Wellington from 8 November-8 December, Taipei Contemporary Art Center present It Follows, a two part installation in Wellington which seeks to unpack some of the social, political and artistic ambitions of contemporary art spaces. CIRCUIT Director Mark Williams sat down with visiting TCAC curator Bochun Hsiao, TCAC board member Frankie Su, and Enjoy Director Sophie Davis to discuss the role of contemporary spaces like Enjoy and TCAC in an ever-changing landscape of institutional and artistic flux.

Posted Oct 24, 2018
By Laura Duffy

Curated by Laura Duffy, worth your while is an installation for public art space Masons Screen. Featuring works by Elisabeth Pointon and Dilohana Lekamge, worth your while examines self care within the day to day environments of work and home.

Posted Jun 13, 2018
By Mark Williams

"...the filmmaker being present to engage with the audience is one of the most special aspects of experimental film" - Jodie Mack. Ahead of their upcoming screenings in Wellington / New Plymouth, Jodie Mack (USA/UK) and Fern Silva (USA/Portugal) give an insight into their working processes.

Posted Jan 26, 2017
By Mark Williams

An interview with curator Lawrence McDonald about PALeo Neo Video - Chapters from the history of video art in New Zealand 1970-1990s, an ambitious and largely undocumented survey of artist moving image practice that was staged in 1999.

Posted Nov 29, 2016
By Robert Leonard

Robert Leonard talks to Gavin Hipkins about his latest film, New World (2016). It was made for CIRCUIT’s screening programme This Is not film-making. Artists work for cinema, which premiered at City Gallery Wellington on 9 September 2016, and screens at Te Uru Waitakere on 6 December. The interview is based on a discussion held at the CIRCUIT symposium, Phantom Topologies, at City Gallery Wellington.

Posted Mar 30, 2016
By Mark Williams

Artist and Curator Shireen Seno is currently touring New Zealand with a 30 year survey of Filipino avant-garde cinema entitled The Kalampag Tracking Agency. Shireen took the time to answer a few questions via email about compiling histories out of the rubble of dictatorship and typhoons.