The Bends

Still from The Bends (2016) Andrew de Freitas

Recorded between 2014 and 2016 in Canada, Germany, Brazil, YouTube, Portugal, Morocco, and the USA, The Bends is a movie in 11 non-chronological chapters, produced by Andrew de Freitas and collaborators for online circulation. CIRCUIT is one of 11 online hosts for the project, each of whom embeds a chapter on their site. Breaking with linear narrative devices, the film is a drift from one perceptual and emotive world to another. Each of its 11 chapters acts as a doorway to the rest of the film, which can be viewed over time and in a variety of different contexts and platforms. Watch the CIRCUIT-hosted chapter below;

Featured on websites dedicated to sound, dance, performance or video art, the online distribution of The Bends is also meant to echo the diversity of disciplines and actors who contributed to the making of the film, as well as to be a reflection of the contemporary strategies of mediation and promotion of art. The navigation through the film, from one platform to another, will be self generated. At the end of each chapter, an active ‘endslate’ appears, allowing the viewer to ‘click- through’ to one of the other 10 chapters from the playlist. In this way, the whole film is accessible from any one of its parts. Despite variations in style and duration, the chapters of the film create a cohesive whole, totalling 100 minutes of running time.

Watch another clip from The Bends here.


MOVIE AND SOUND - Andrew de Freitas
FEATURING - Chelsea Sweetin, Vera Palme, Elif Saydam, Johanna Raoust, Alex Hercule, Phoebe Guillemot, Oliver Bulas
MUSIC RAMZi - ‘LSD’ from the album DEZOMBi, 2013
ADDITIONAL SOUND RECORDING - Curtis Mclean, Marcello Spada, Johanna Raoust
PAINTINGS - Vera Palme
REMERCIEMENTS - Andrea Young, Julian Garcia, Matt Goerzen, Guido Powell, Véronique Turgeon

Live audio montage featuring sounds from the following YouTube clips:
Secrets of the Sunken Caves - The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau (1971) -
DMT - The Spirit Molecule (2010) :
Cinéastes de notre temps - Pasolini l'enragé (1966)
Painters Painting (1973)
Oculus DK2 Dreadhalls Reaction!!! (2014) -