Dark Light

Aut University, WG, Level 4
Feb 18, 2014

Dark Light is an essay-film on memory, ethics, art and the animal, inspired especially by Chris Marker’s French film, Sans Soleil (Sunless, 1983). Dark Light also takes its name from French philosopher, Jacques Derrida, who conceived of memory as a conditional and paradoxical relation between self and other. Moreover, the other is nothing outside of memory with dark light as the nothing of an infinite interior process of remembering. It is otherness —that which is strange and seemingly exterior to us— which, we seek relations to — nature as a surreal and alchemic phenomenon produces the uncanny. This film responds to the unease of human as dweller estranged from more primordial (animal) impulses. Stranger, foreigner, fascinations, the uncanny or however we may wish to think the unknown, we keep this process of other relation open, resistant to any possible closure of [our] memory. At the heart of this essay-film in both its content and composition is a desire for showing this process of ongoing and infinite bonding to the strangeness of (human-animal) nature (via memory). The film uses the animal as a key figure (specifically the motif of the horse), for revealing this open space and time of otherness — specifically attesting to the strange animality of being human. 

Dark Light (2013, Digital Video, 74 minutes)
An essay film by Maria O’Connor (New Zealand)
In French, German and Italian with English sub-titles
6pm, Tuesday 18th February
AUT University | WG | Level 4 | Sir Paul Reeves Bldg | 2 Governor Fitzoy Place, Auckland 1010