It was only a drunk contextualization of fleeting eye contact

Play_station, 8 Egmont St
Feb 28, 2017 to Mar 25, 2017

Opening: Thursday March 2, 6:00pm
Publication launch: Friday March 17, 6:00pm

'It was only a drunk contextualization of fleeting eye contact' brings together words and phrases from two distinct sources; online relationship forums and gallery press texts.

Through an installation of magnetic poetry, the audience is invited to rework selected words and phrases into new unexpected and often humorous juxtapositions. Shifting each set of texts into a social and material form, the work, in part, addresses personal and professional anxieties—from romantic insecurities and professional inadequacies, to the rules of social conduct. It becomes, as phrases made by others have previously spelled out, a question of “artistic postures vs. feelings”, of what happens when we separate two styles of language and bring them back into collision.