Louise Menzies 'World, Business, Lifestyle, Sport'

The Physics Room
Feb 13, 2013 to Mar 10, 2013

Louise Menzies' recent work has repeatedly activated particular formats, aesthetics and histories of film and print media. The ethnographic roots of 16mm, the historical hippie magazine Mushroom, the desktop-published pamphlets of the Citizens Advice Bureau and the mastheads of contemporary international newspapers have all been explored in ways that merge form and content, raising subtle questions about the values inhabiting certain processes and styles. 'World, Business, Lifestyle, Sport’ brings together works commissioned in the context of post-earthquake Christchurch. The categories identified by the sections of the paper Menzies takes as her title might also offer ways in which to consider the view revealed to gallery visitors from The Physics Room's new Level 3 windows overlooking the city's Red Zone.