Other Waters: Art On The Manakau

Te Tuhi
Nov 15, 2014 to Feb 15, 2015

Te Tuhi is proud to host a supporting exhibition in association with the Other Waters project, a collaborative endeavour by a group of artists and writers who wish to draw public attention to the southern harbour of Auckland — the Manukau. The Manukau and its foreshore is sometimes overlooked in favour of Auckland’s more developed northern coastlines. The featured artworks at Te Tuhi speak to immediate local issues, as well as to the more general fact that New Zealand is an island nation surrounded on all sides by vast bodies of water.

In addition to the works directly inspired by or created on the Manukau, a screening room in the gallery features a number of moving-image works that were made elsewhere in New Zealand or elsewhere in the world, but which help paint a picture of the Manukau in the context of global issues. The other parts of the world depicted in these works may be thought of as ‘sister’ spaces, subject to similar issues and potentials common to all locales where land meets water and nation meets world.

Judy Darragh // John Pusateri // Janine Randerson // Lisa Reihana //  A. D. Schierning // Sarah Treadwell // Ruth Watson Screening programme curated by Eu Jin Chua features: Lucy 'Aukafolau  // Ergin Çavuşoğlu // Sarah J. Christman // Murray Hewitt // Rebecca Ann Hobbs // Peter Wareing // Shannon Te Ao & Iain Frengley // Wolfgang Lehmann & Telemach Wiesinger