Workshop: spectral transcription for artists working with sound

Audio Foundation
May 18, 2018

The next instalment in the Audio Foundation workshop series caters equally to visual and sonic inclinations.

Spectral transcription is the process of extracting discrete frequencies from a sound recording, and converting them into either musical notation, graphic interpretation, or midi files which can then be used as material for further composition work.

Kerian Varaine has been developing his composition practice in this field for over five years using freely available opensource software.

The workshop will be presented in three parts:

– A talk on the history and use spectral analysis and spectral transcription in musical composition.
– Examples of techniques which the presenter has developed will be presented alongside quick demonstrations of how to accomplish them.
– An in depth tutorial of the techniques Kerian has employed over the last decade.
– Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop (osx, windows, linux) on which they will be guided through the analysis of a bird call and other sounds (which will be provided along with necessary software).

Saturday 9 June @ Audio Foundation, 2 – 5pm