CIRCUIT at Oberhausen Short FIlm Festival 2020

This programme includes five works from CIRCUIT's Distributors Screening at the 2020 Oberhausen Short Film Festival, and features the artists Zack Steiner-Fox, Ruth Watson, Seung Yul Oh, Clinton Watkins, popular productions, Janet Lilo.

The five works engage variously with histories of moving image representation, and offscreen concerns of family, global mobility and war.

The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, founded in 1954, is one of the oldest short film festivals in the world. Held in Oberhausen, Germany, it is one of the major international platforms for the short experimental and artist productions. In 2020 CIRCUIT was one of 12 international distribution agencies invited to present a showcase of recent works. Due to the Covid 19 virus, the 2020 festival was streamed online.

Runs online until 4 June 2020.


(2017) Digital Video, Sound (5.50 minutes)

"In Popular Glory the use of eerie stage-design, make-up, and costume become a site of Horror through campy self-portraiture. By making use of the formal visual cues of genre film, it steps away from a traditional narrative structure to inflict the subject with conflicting roles of perpetuator and the persecuted. That tension is evocative of the ambiguity of queer characters in the history of horror movies who serve as stand-ins for a faint violence and pitied outlaw." - Artist Statement

Made while in residence at Varda Artists Residency, California with the support of ARTSPACE Aotearoa and Creative New Zealand. First shown as part of the group exhibition THE BILL: For Collective Unconscious at Artspace Aotearoa, Auckland (2016)
Music by P.H.F.

(2017) Digital Video, Sound (8.51 minutes)

Unmapping the world takes Watson's family history and connection to the Canterbury region as a starting point to delve into the societal complications caused by global mobility, immigration and colonisation.

(2017), Digital Video, Sound (12.41 minutes)

Visually abstract but accompanied by a score that follows it’s every tonal shift, Hondon draws the viewer into a tense alignment of colour, particles and time.

(2015), 8mm, Digital Video, Sound (15.59 minutes)

An experimental essay film shot in shot in New Zealand, Berlin & Warsaw. featuring material shot at sites including Warsaw Archives and Pawiak Prison c.2000. Featuring a collection of video and film footage, third revision openly fluctuates between blur and displacement of image and focus; often the images are re-filmed off the computer screen and are further ‘corrupted/compromised’.

Audio by Samuel Holloway. Commissioned by CIRCUIT for Six artists respond to the poetry of Joanna Margaret Paul (2015).

(2019) Digital Video, Sound (4.31 minutes)

Janet Lilo's Untitled (2019) takes as its' central motif a tree, photographed through the seasons. Together with the sound of a school haka performed by children, and the image of a fire, the work quietly reflects on the disbanding of one home and the creation of another.

Commissioned by CIRCUIT for Personal Space, CIRCUIT 2019 Artist Cinema Commissions, curated by Serena Bentley