CIRCUIT TV presents: M D Brown - 3 short films

Still from Falling Out (2004) M D Brown

Between 2000-2004 MD Brown made three short films inspired by the stream of consciousness technique of modernist European writers including James Joyce and Samuel Beckett. Each film featured the voice of a lone male, ruminating on late night memories of murky events and personal relationships whose character has been shaped by the passage of time. Using a visual technique of fleeting images interrupted by black, Brown sought to evoke the nature of memory as a subjective series of affective images flickering across the mind's eye.

Below are all three films in reverse chronological order, preceded by a 2020 conversation between M D Brown and Mark Williams. The film-maker discusses the literary inspiration for the films; "How could I translate this into the medium of film? How do you juxtapose it with images? How do we make it work in a filmic sense?"; the use of the New Zealand vernacular; violence as a dramatic device and working with actors.


A journey through memories of lowlife New Zealand. Remembering an old mate, a roguish individual ponders times together, friendship, growing-up and hedonism.


A man wanders through his memories of a brutal fight on a beach. Told in stream-of-consciousness, the film steers through his anger, self-questioning and fantasy, while the images roll and fade in his mind.


Poor You is an experimental film which explores how bitterness and still-burning desire might clash in the recollection of a lost love.