Just go with me on this one


“I’ve been watching a lot of the televised debates recently, and am fascinated by the way that politicians talk to each another. There is so much else going on there, through their nuanced mastery of sincerity, evasion and improvisation.

Chloe Swarbrick admitted at the opening for The Tomorrow People that "politics is my performance art," and I believe her. The fact that a politician can be judged on how "human" they come across, suggests to me a divide between how politicians communicate and how everybody else does.

In making this video, I realised pretty quickly that I don't know how to speak their language. Instead, I wanted to try and translate a political message into a more domestic, intimate scale. “ - Artist Statemen


From the series Party Political Broadcast. Presented by CIRCUIT and The Physics Room, Party Political Broadcast was a collection of 8 video works inspired by the format of the televised party political broadcast. Featuring new work by Janet Lilo, Murray Hewitt, Li-Ming Hu, Mark Harvey, Terri Te Tau, Miranda Bellamy, Fantasing, Callum Devlin, each of the artists in Party Political Broadcast were given a time limit of 30 seconds in which “to offer their vision for (New Zealand’s) future”.