Passing Manouevre with two motorcycles and 584 vehicles for two-channel video installation


Medium: Dual-channel video installation with sound, 9 metres x 4 metres. This excerpt is 5 mins of the approx 14 min artwork.

Motorcycle performance (2008) documentation for a two-bike lanesplit of Auckland`s Northern Motorway during morning rush hour traffic. The semi-illegal continuous passing maneouvre was from Greville Rd onramp, over the Auckland Harbour Bridge to the city exit. The bikes are a Ducati 996s (front bike) and a Suzuki GSXR 600 (rear bike).

The bikes cut between the fast lane and medium lane, riding the centre line to continuously pass rows of commuting cars and trucks. The footage is continuous (no cuts) onboard footage from each bike - rearward onboard filming from the front bike, and frontward filming from onboard the rear bike. Both video cameras record the semi-illegal commuter passing maneouvre simultaneously, and these recordings are installed in the gallery as a dual channel synchronised video installation with stereo sound. This clip is both individual on-board cams inserted into one HD screen for preview. (Each channel in the installed work is 4:3 SD full frame per channel).


Alex Monteith