PULSE/REPEAT (Exhibition Trailer)

PULSE / REPEAT (Trailer)

Curated by Priscilla Howe and commissioned by CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand with the support of Creative New Zealand and The Audio Foundation, PULSE/REPEAT brings together four artists whose work addresses the relationship between technology and the body. Using digital video, stone and wool, the works in PULSE/REPEAT move between rapid-fire cut, paste and dissemination to an extended sense of time and bodily awareness. The video of Magdalena Hoult and Diva Blair addresses the pulse in the machine and the mechanized, while Willow McCarthy’s sculptures explore the unnoticed patterns in the everyday. Canadian artist Alexandre Larose was CIRCUIT’s 2017 International Artist-in-Residence. Howe says the physicality of Larose’s 16mm film flicker contrasts with his imagery which she describes as “soft, mundane, beautiful…” 

See the project page for more info: http://www.circuit.org.nz/project/pulserepeat 


The opening of PULSE/REPEAT on Thursday 30 November will be accompanied by a performance by Robyn Jordaan. 

curated by Priscilla Howe
with work by Magdalena Hoult, Diva Blair, Willow McCarthy, Alexandre Larose
Commissioned by CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand
with support from Creative New Zealand and The Audio Foundation
30 Nov - 20 Dec 2017
The Audio Foundation, Auckland