Stunt Double


Facing the camera, the artist places a series of bedside objects down her underwear, affecting the look of the stuffed male crotch.

Installation Shot: from the exhibition Two In The Pink, North Projects (Christchurch) 31 October - 22 November 2014

“Placed on a painter’s easel, Syme’s video has the sensibility and formalism of a painting, but not in the more familiar traditions of European or American modernism. Implicitly, she parodies the certainties of European art, eliciting a more complex response. Inviting the viewer to be partners in crime to a child-like prank, its intimacy is both uncomfortable and compelling. What sense and resolution can be reached from the artist’s actions and intentions? A consciously juvenile game intended for her peers or political act of feminist empowerment? To its credit ‘Stunt Double’ feels like both and neither.” - Warren Feeney, The Christchurch Press November 2014