Sudden Passion


"In devising a new work at this time, I was thinking alot about the works of Kenneth Anger, Andy Warhol, John Waters and listening to too many Case Files (crime) podcasts.

I had intended to script an elaborate narrative for Sudden Passion*. To make it some kind of apocalyptic-dystopian big deal: set in, like, the year 2070, or something.

But, I don’t have the energy, nor the access to company, for that kind of ‘hard camp’ right now. So, here we are, trapped inside some kind of ‘whimsy-Black Mirror’ for a little under two minutes.

The work can be just that - a sad lockdown era work- and it is. Yet, the audio and title pull the weight of its actual emphasis forward: the darkness lurking underneath. As my concern for the rate of domestic violence during lockdowns continues to rise, as do the numbers.

With no significant emphasis being placed on the fact that this is indeed the case, and that so much (continues) to go undocumented and underreported." - Artist Statement

*I am referring, in the title to ‘Sudden Passion’, although, in legal terms this is more commonly referred to as a ‘Crime of Passion’. Also, I am thinking through the insidious implications of the ‘Gay/Trans Panic Defense’. The lives and legacies that these laws have - intentionally and senselessly- let down.