Te Hā ō Kiekie


"Te Hā ō Kiekie is a film that the artist described as a ‘kākahuhiko’ (digital woven cloak). Given the name Te Hā ō Kiekie can be understood as ‘the breath of the Parakiekie’ and refers to the artist and their whānau kōrero in rediscovering and re-creating this ancient Māori cloak type.

In this piece, the artist opens a visual narrative into the creative process of harvesting, extracting muka kiekie, its weaving techniques and construction. Through a loose documentary film approach, the artist creates a sense of ease for the audience as if attending the wānanga at hand." - Artist Statement

Parakiekie Wānanga

The artist’s Parakiekie wānanga started between two sites, Te Rua Whaihanga at Waipapa Taumata Rau at Te Whare Wānanga o the Tāmaki Makaurau University of Auckland, and the artist's haukāinga, Whangateau in Te Moana Nui o Toi.

The wānanga was the research basis for a subsequent exhibition entitled Māwhitiwhiti at Te Tuhi in 2019. The exhibition included the video work Te Hā ō Kiekie, woven cloaks Parakiekietahi, drawings Tuhinga: Notes from the Smithsonian and a range of Kiekie tools and implements. In addition, the artist hosted a parakiekie weaving wānanga.

Previous exhibition presentations include Māwhitiwhiti (2019 at Te Tuhi Gallery,) (2019 at Blue Oyster Gallery), Strands (2020 at The Dowse Art Museum), Te Hā o te Kākahu (2020 at Project Space Gallery).


The artist thanks colleagues Shelly Te Hara and Dante Bonica for their support of the kaupapa. The artist extends their gratitude to those who attended the wānanga as part of the exhibitions Māwhitiwhiti at Te Tuhi Gallery, and at Blue Oyster. The artist also thanks the volunteer researchers at the Smithsonian Washington DC for assisting in generating research, knowledge, and reciprocation of manaakitanga.