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Newsletter April 2020

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Activity Round-up

This month CIRCUIT staff and Board send our best wishes to everyone at home in Aotearoa, and all of our friends and supporters based internationally. We hope you are all safe and warm. A special thanks to all of our artists, who have been so understanding whilst we work with venues worldwide to reschedule exhibitions, screenings and other events. As we continue to plot future events, there's a wealth of great new content streaming on the CIRCUIT website;

What does a virus look like? How does it think? What does it want? In CIRCUIT Podcast 83, visiting UK artist John Walter discusses his recently exhibited work at Gus Fisher, A Virus Walks Into A Bar, which narrates the life cycle of an HIV "as if it were set somewhere between Coronation Street and Twin Peaks".

In No-one works alone: an interview with Bruce Barber the renowned New Zealand/Canadian artist discusses the link between the 2019 Hong Kong protests and historical radicals such as Bertrand Russell and Karl Marx. Watch a dozen of Bruce's works spanning 1973-2019 on CIRCUIT here.

A new essay by Thomasin Sleigh reflects on the three recent Masons Screen commissions by Rangituhia Hollis, Max Fleury and Bena Jackson, Rachel O'Neill.

And we raise a toast to the 50th work on Masons Screen, Arapeta Ashton & Wai Ching Chan's Pātai/Maan Taai問題 (2019), which was installed shortly before the lockdown. Working together, the artists harvest, boil and dye harakeke, a metaphorical weaving of their shared histories together as Māori and Tauiwi. Thanks to our partners Wellington City Council for their support of this public art project.


New Works Online

Not my autobiography? - Rachel O’Neill

6 min 12 sec / Sound

How can a person rebel against the legacies and conditions that shape the cultural framework/s of their very thought and action? To what extent can we Watch »


The Ability to Blow Themselves Up (2019 version) - Seung Yul Oh

37 sec / Sound

The latest iteration of an ongoing project that began in 2005, The Ability to Blow Themselves Up is an intense collage of balloon explosions and Watch »


Spectres of Marx - Bruce Barber

10 min 26 sec / Silent

A time lapse video of a performance produced for the exhibition Personal Structures: Crossing Borders (2015) at at Palazzo Mora Venice, Italy. The Watch »

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Latest Commentary

CIRCUIT Cast Episode 83: an Interview With John Walter

"HIV doesn’t have agency, it’s not alive like we are, it’s just a piece of programming, but... in empathising with it, I have gained a greater respect for it" - John Walter Read More »


No-one works alone: an interview with Bruce Barber

"Artists who challenge the model typically are collaborators" - Bruce Barber Read More »


History, the sky, and the street: three new commissions for Mason’s Screen

The three new video art commissions for the screen in Mason’s Lane, a busy pedestrian staircase in Wellington’s CBD, resist any unifying theme or aesthetic. However, taking Aotearoa’s history, the sky, and the street as their respective materials, the works each reinterpret collective, shared Read More »

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