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Newsletter August 2018

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CIRCUIT Symposium 2018: The Time of the Now

Presented by CIRCUIT in association with the Documentary Research Group at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), The Time of the Now is a one day symposium which explores the challenges of addressing ‘truth’ in a post-truth world.

What strategies do contemporary artists employ to test media representation of reality and the means through which we channel and consume it? How do artists expand the documentary form through various material processes and formal strategies? How do artists deconstruct the surfeit of images we already have and the means by which we receive them? Can 'truth' and fiction exist in the same space? What historical artworks could be part of a revised genealogy of current documentary practices in Aotearoa New Zealand? How could an ethic of care, as understood through sustained relationships with Indigenous and diverse communities be played out through documentary practices?

The Time of the Now is CIRCUIT’s 6th annual symposium exploring artists moving image practice in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally. A full programme and list of speakers and will be announced shortly. The Time of the Now and is preceded by an Artist Week of screenings, installations and events, including CIRCUIT's 2018 programme of Artist Cinema Commissions, Truth or Consequences, curated by Erika Balsom and featuring new work by Andrew de Freitas, Jeremy Leatinu’u, Vea Mafile`o, Janine Randerson, and Bridget Reweti. 

Presented by CIRCUIT in association with the Documentary Research Group at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), The Time of the Now is supported by the Govett Brewster Art Gallery / Len Lye Centre, Creative New Zealand, City Gallery Wellington, The Audio Foundation.

The Time of the Now
Saturday 15 September 2018
Auckland University of Technology
Admission $40 / $20

New Works Online

Second Child - Stella Brennan

11 minutes 36 seconds / Sound

"Second Child reframes technology’s ceaseless cycle of obsolescence as sibling rivalry. A video shows the slow unwrapping of a laptop. Over 11 Watch »


Truth or Consequences (trailer) -

1 min 29 sec / Sound

How can artists respond to a ‘post-truth era’ of humanitarian and ecological crisis? Watch »


Forever After All - Jo Bragg

7 min 10 sec / Sound

“As the latest in a body of work set to capture the poetic and prosaic drama of everyday life Forever After All (2018) offers a new series of threats Watch »

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Latest Commentary

Artists in Conversation #5 - Stella Brennan & Sean Cubitt

“There's something inevitably fascistic about a perfect world” - Stella Brennan. UK academic Sean Cubitt joins Stella Brennan and host Mark Amery to discuss Object Permanence, Stella's new solo show at Trish Clark gallery, plus technological utopias and making dialogue with the non-human. “ Read More »


CIRCUIT Cast Episode 72: An interview with Johan Grimonprez

“The terrorist spectacle accommodates a dirtier game underneath” - Johan Grimonprez. Read More »


Artists in Conversation #4 - Sonya Lacey & Gavin Hipkins

“If the essay film has become a trope…and these strategies that we’re using have become formulaic, how do we negotiate our way through that?” - Gavin Hipkins. Read More »

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