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Newsletter July 2015

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  1. Symposium: A Genealogy of Moving Image Practice
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Symposium: A Genealogy of Moving Image Practice

This years CIRCUIT symposium A Geneaology of Moving Image Practice takes place on Saturday 15 August at Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland. The third annual CIRCUIT symposium presented in association with Elam brings together speakers from New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Featured guests include Kathy Geritz, co-editor of Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area 1945-2000.

A Genealogy of Moving Image Practice responds to recent interest in estabished practitioners by younger artists, to ask; What lineages and histories can we call upon to ground and contextualize moving image work in 2015 be it cinema, performance, video, installation and other avant-gardes? Which historical technologies resonate in contemporary practice and why? Why do certain historical projects get reclaimed and on what basis? Why do others get lost? What other kinds of disciplines ground contemporary moving image practice? Are we constantly rediscovering lost histories to explain and inform the circumstances we’re working with today? 

This years symposium in informed by a festival of installations, screenings and events which take place in the week of 9-15 August, including the premiere of new CIRCUIT cinema commissions by Nova Paul, Rachel Shearer, Popular Productions, Shannon Te Ao, Miranda Parkes and Sonya Lacey; a workshop in hand-developing 16mm film; installations featuring Jim Allen, Mark Harvey, Joanna Paul and Alexandre Larose; and The Brain, an exhibition at Te Uru Waitakere curated by Christina Read with exhibition design by Paul Cullen and featuring 16 local and international artists.

Full festival details are online here, click on the link Festival 9-15 August. For all other enquiries please email Mark Williams <>.

New Works Onsite

This newsletter features new work online by artists featured in the CIRCUIT symposium, Jim Allen, Mark Harvey and Joanna Paul.


News floor - Mark Harvey

1 min 57 sec / Sound

One of two performances made by Harvey in response to News, a 1976 performance work by Jim Allen. A third performance by Harvey was a recreation of Watch »


Thorndon - Joanna Margaret Paul

4 min 56 sec / Silent

Opening with an image of a circling crane, Thorndon contrasts the half-constructed shapes and incursions of urban planning with the worn traces of Watch »

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CIRCUIT Distribution and Screenings

If you're in Paris tomorrow night (?!) CIRCUIT presents I am an open window at the artist-run film lab Collecif Jeune Cinema. Taking the form of a conversation between past and present, I am an open window is a collection of 12 artist works alternating between six films shot by Joanna Margaret Paul in the 1970s, and six new moving image commissions made in response to Joanna Paul's poetry by Rachel Shearer, Sonya Lacey, Nova Paul, Miranda Parkes, Shannon Te Ao and the collective Popular Productions. Catch the New Zealand premiere of these works in Auckland on Friday 14 August at the Academy Cinema. One screening only! 

If you're in Auckland tomorrow or Weds 22nd July, catch Place Unmaking at the New Zealand Film Festival, a CIRCUIT presentation curated by Janine Randerson and Mark Williams. Place Unmaking examines how moving image artists interrogate or reinvent our heroic landscape tradition. Artists: Dieneke Jansen, Janine Randerson, Alex Monteith, Shannon Te Ao, Phil Dadson, Tim Wagg, Andrew Denton, Layne Waerea, Martin Rumsby. Place Unmaking also screens in Wellington

CIRCUIT is proud to return to the SPARK festival in Hamilton on Monday 10 August when we present The Past Sure Is Tense, 9 recent video works exploring how digital technologies have shaped our individual and collective sense of self and our possible futures. Artists include Stephen McGregor, Erika Sklenars, Dirk de Bruyn, Eddie Clemens, Jasmine Te Hira, Richard von Sturmer, Tim Wagg, Peter Wareing, Terri Te Tau. Our thanks to Captain Beefheart for the title. Surely you know who he is, right?

Latest Commentary

CIRCUIT CAST Episode 27: Janine Randerson and Place Unmaking

In this podcast Janine Randerson discusses her upcoming collaboration with CIRCUIT for the New Zealand Film Festival entitled Place Unmaking, featuring work by Alex Monteith, Richard Von Sturmer, Layne Waerea, Tim Wagg and others. We also discuss Randerson’s own practice of collaborating with Read More »


Excess Baggage

The inherently ephemeral nature of the moving image makes it particularly suited to narratives of travel. This notion of journeying is central to Excess Baggage, a show of five video works by international artists recently installed at Dunedin’s Blue Oyster Gallery. Read More »

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