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Newsletter February 2015

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Funding Opportunities

Creative New Zealand Arts Grants Deadline: 6 March
Support for new work, critical writing, professional development, research, touring and other opportunities (for projects starting after 22 May)

Asia New Zealand Arts Grants Deadline: 30 March  
"Grants cover professional development, such as self-arranged residencies, as well as arts events or projects supported by local government"

New Works

Until it Runs Out - Janine Randerson

10 min 57 sec / Sound

Description: Two channel digital video and audio installationExhibition mode: Single screen with double image. Synchronous. LoopedMedia details: Super Watch »


Nuuttipukki - Matthew Cowan

8 min / Sound

"This was made in southwest Finland with a group of men from a local choir, enacting an old mid-winter rural house calling tradition called Watch »

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CIRCUIT Activities

In December 2014 CIRCUIT Director Mark Williams attended Comparing Experimental Cinemas, a conference in Bangalore attempting to map out a network for exchange of works and ideas between Asia/NZ/UK and an opportunity to introduce CIRCUIT artists to curatorial delegates from across South East Asia. With thanks to the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

In January CIRCUIT screened works by Gavin Hipkins, Phil Dadson, Andrew de Freitas and Sorawit Songsataya at the Rotterdam Film Festival. Curator Mercedes Vicente flew from London to introduce. Presented as part of a series of group screenings by DINAMO, an association of the worlds video art distributors, the works were screened variously in a hotel, a cinema and at a press and industry event.

CIRCUIT’s association with the Italian-based website began over the Xmas/New Year period with a screening of the Goodnight Kiwi, 16 works infused with the aura of late night viewing. Next month works by Lissa Mitchell and Nathan Thompson will be included in an upcoming online exhibition curated by filmessay entitled NoiseVideo.

Latest Commentary

Summer Reading Series #1: The Aachen Faxes - a conversation between Marie Shannon and Alex Davidson

Alex Davidson: Your work, The Aachen Faxes, is a piecing together of various correspondences between Julian Dashper and yourself, when Julian was on a residency in Aachen in 1995. The text is all Julian's voice; your responses to his messages are implied but not included. Obviously the title of the Read More »


Summer Reading Series #2: The miracle that is my body - Victoria Wynne-Jones on Megan Dunn

Sound has been slowed down, yet it is still atmospheric. Winds whorl, there is distant thunder, flowing water. A sail flaps and a heart-beat steadily thumps. A man whispers ‘I love her.’ A nineteen-year-old Kate Moss stands before a wall, on a beach, tossing her head back, looking into the camera Read More »


Summer Reading Series #3: Martin Rumsby on Ken Jacobs' The Guests (2013)

Ken Jacobs, a grand-daddy of New York’s avant-garde cinema, has been experimenting with the three-dimensional moving image since the 1960s. Initially working in film, Jacobs now employs digital technologies to investigate cinematic time and space. Read More »

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