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Newsletter February 2020

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Activity Round-up

In January CIRCUIT artists were heavily featured at the Rotterdam Film Festival, with works by Tanu Gago, Natasha Matila-Smith, Janine Randerson and Atong Atem showing in a variety of contexts from competition to special programmes. Read a full round up of all the action here by Mark Williams.

Also online for your reading pleasure, essays by our newest writers; Judy Darragh (on Selina Ershadi at RM Gallery) and Connie Brown (on Olivia Webb at the Dowse).

New artists online this month include Olivia Webb and Natasha Matila-Smith.

CIRCUIT is proud to welcome Laura Duffy as our new Production Assistant. Many will know Laura through her artwork, and as a founder of MEANWHILE gallery. Laura will be working part-time with CIRCUIT in a variety of roles over the coming months, from back of house to public projects.

Now showing at Christchurch Arts Centre's Great Hall until 4 March, Personal Space, CIRCUIT's 2019 Artist Cinema Commissions, curated by Serena Bentley with work by Janet Lilo, Natasha Matila-Smith, Campbell Patterson, Atong Atem and Tanu Gago.

On Masons Screen in Wellington until 11 March is Emma Wallbanks' MERCURIAL (2019). Compiled from footage shot during three solo road trips around the South Island, MERCURIAL is a work about the space between an ending and the yearning for something new.

New Works Online

Anthems of Belonging - Olivia Webb

24 minutes / 5 x Stereo Sound

"For 18-months Olivia Webb worked closely with five New Zealand families to write songs that reflect their feelings about place and belonging in Watch »


If I die, please delete my Soundcloud (excerpt) - Natasha Matila-Smith

2 min 1 sec / Sound

Excerpt from full 7 minute 37 second video. Watch »


The King's Cinema - Martin Rumsby

5 min 9 sec / Sound

In the Royal Palace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Martin Rumsby finds roots of early cinema in royal frescoes. As the video progresses the decay of the still Watch »

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Latest Commentary

Amator (2019) Selina Ershadi & Azita Chegini, RM Gallery & Project Space Dec 4 -14, 2019

The very classification “ amateur ” has an apologetic ring. But the very word - from the Latin amator, “lover”- means one who does something for the love of the thing“ - Maya Deren Read More »


"You think you know me?" - Rotterdam Film Festival 2020

On the way to the Rotterdam Film Festival I sit at London City Airport with two British-based film programmers. Like almost everyone else in London they are devastated by the recent UK election, which returned the Conservative party to power and confirmed Brexit as a done deal. One is listening to a Read More »


Where Two Oceans Meet: Listening and Foreignness in Olivia Webb’s Anthems of Belonging

"Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity" — Simone Weil (i) Read More »

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