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Newsletter June 2021

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Activity Round-up

CIRCUIT are now accepting proposals for three new commissions ($600 each) for Wellington's Masons Screen. Each commission will show for a month between November 2021 - January 2022. CIRCUIT will commission an essay on the three works, to be published on the CIRCUIT website in 2022. Submission Deadline: 12 July, more details here.

Now showing on Masons Screen is Steve Carr's Watermelon (2015), an experience of slow time and tense anticipation.

On the website this month, our commentary section offers up three hot takes on contemporary art in Aotearoa;

Rangituhia Hollis pivots from Toi Tū, Toi Ora at Auckland Art Gallery to discuss what it means to be Māori now, then, and in 2041; “I walked through the spaces of the gallery and felt danger. But I’m used to that feeling.” Emma Fitts meets Stephanie Beth to discuss the ongoing resonance of Stephanie’s 1970s/80s films giving voice to ‘the silent woman’; and Mark Williams writes on the exhilarating Marianna Simnett at City Gallery Wellington - “Simnett’s survival strategy is to examine trauma's cooled, black, liquid residue, morphing the after-image into something new and darkly inhabited."

And below you can find links to new viewing online from Sean Grattan, Stephanie Beth and Julia Holden.

New Works Onsite

In Joy - Stephanie Beth

28 min 24 sec / Sound

"In Joy looks at the facilitator Maggie Eyre working in theatre classes of improvisation, play and performance for human growth. Influenced by trends Watch »


Looking At You With Contempt - Sean Grattan

31 min 17 sec / Sound

"An intimate opening scene of tender camera work that carefully follows a young woman getting ready for work slowly gives way to something more Watch »


#LunaMeditates - Julia Holden

3 min / Sound

Comprising 550 individual oil paintings, #LunaMeditates was produced in 2020 during New Zealand's first COVID-19 lockdown as a comforting experience Watch »

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Latest Commentary

How would you feel about me writing something about ‘Toi Tū, Toi Ora' for CIRCUIT?

In this text I want to write & talk about the art that mattered from where I was, and where I have been looking from. Some art that wasn’t in Toi Tū, Toi Ora (i). Read More »


CIRCUIT Cast Episode 98: Stephanie Beth and Emma Fitts

“ .. it was really important to go for the silent woman” – Stephanie Beth. Read More »


CREATURE, Marianna Simnett – City Gallery Wellington (22 May–11 July 2021)

Comprised of four moving image installations and a large text work, Marianna’s Simnett’s CREATURE is a vaulting reckoning with personal and historical trauma. Using myth, magic and medicine, she fearlessly seeks to image psychological and bodily horror, which achieves shrill resonance through its Read More »

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