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Newsletter March 2017

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CIRCUIT Activity

Leisure Week 2017 - Gallery undergoing changeover shows 1-7 April at Aratoi Museum of Art and Culture, Masterton. Featuring works by Clinton Watkins, Christina Read and Layne Waerea, Leisure Week infuses the NZ sublime with land rights, digital distortion and a DIY approach to absorbing culture and ideas.

Taiwanese artist Tzu-an Wu presents a screening of work in Wellington on Fri 21 April. Exploring intersections between social narratives and the construction of the self, Wu’s work is a saturated palette of colour and performance. He holds a BA in Gender and Cultural Studies from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan and an MA in Media Studies from The New School, New York, and works in the counter culture zine group Post-Motherism. Screening at at The Pyramid Club, Wellington.

Sam Hamilton's exhibition Standard Candles shows at the Portland Art Museum from 25 March-12 August. As part of the exhibition Sam will screen his 2016 feature film Apple Pie, an “ambitious conceptual and aesthetic experience of the cosmos and our solar system”. Apple Pie was co-produced by CIRCUIT.

CIRCUIT's monthly artist meeting group the CIRCUIT Critical Forum is now established at The Physics Room (Christchurch) and the Adam Art Gallery (Wellington) for 2017. We will restart the Auckland group shortly with our friends at Artspace.

New Works Online

(Waiting for) Free Rain - Layne Waerea

20 sec / Sound

Instruction: To hang 11 plastic buckets on the clothes line in an empty section in order to catch free rain. Watch »


Putanga - Sarah Hudson

3 min 34 sec / Sound

“A woman of colour’s self-love is political and radical, and it is unsettling for the status quo because she is choosing bravely to dismantle to Watch »


Oil Petals (Pillar of Cloud) - Brit Bunkley

4 min 3 sec / Sound

"Oil, ghost towns and dust devils are aligned as tropes of climate change. Tornado-like dust devils, as canaries in the coal mine, are increasingly Watch »

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Latest Commentary

CIRCUIT CAST Episode 58: Māoriland Film Festival - interview with Tainui Stephens

“How does your native soul inform your work?” This week on the podcast, host Mark Amery sits down with broadcasting legend Tainui Stephens at the launch of the 2017 Māoriland Film Festival in Ōtaki, to discuss indigenous modes of exchange and distribution.  Read More »


Sonya Lacey: Smooth but coarser than yellow (Robert Heald Gallery 16/2/17 – 11/3/17)

It should be obvious enough that the title alludes to a form of synaesthesia, the commingling of senses, so that the idea of a colour might take on the feeling, or a consistency of touch. Then again, we might think of this coarseness as being simply a kind of gradient. Perhaps photoshop makes that Read More »


Summer Reading Series #3: Brit Bunkley's Ghost Shelters

Situated in the Abteilung fur alles Andere, an exhibition space located in an apartment block in Berlin Mitte, a monitor displays an image of a highly detailed mid-20th century industrial tower. Accompanied by a sonorous soundtrack the tower floats in black, digital space, as if shot from an Read More »

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