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Newsletter March 2019

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Activity Round-up

We are very pleased to announce the publication of The Time of the Now e-book. 118 pages of interviews, presentations and discussion from the 2018 CIRCUIT Symposium at AUT. What strategies do contemporary artists employ to test media representation of reality and the means through which we channel and consume it? How do artists expand the documentary form through various material processes and formal strategies? How could an ethic of care, as understood through sustained relationships with Indigenous and diverse communities be played out through documentary practices? Download the e-book for free via the CIRCUIT website now.

John Chrisstoffels' Ritornello (2018) is the latest work on Masons Screen. John has a long career as a cinematographer and musician and this work draws on both disciplines, using a baroque musical concept and filmic sleight of hand to reflect on the uniqueness of every repeated gesture. Showing until 13 March.

CIRCUIT's 2018 programme of Artist Cinema Commissions, Truth or Consequences is now showing as an installation at Ashburton Art Gallery until 28 April. On Wednesday 13 March, 6pm, it screens at Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū as part of Late Night. We were very pleased that two of the commissioned works by Vea Mafile'o and Jeremy Leatinu'u recently screened at the Berlin Film Festival. A third work, Bridget Reweti's Ziarah, was recently shown by CIRCUIT at the Rotterdam Film Festival. To all our friends in Christchurch, we looking forward to seeing you on 13 March. In the absence of curator Dr. Erika Balsom we will be distributing her curatorial essay, and the screening will be introduced by Mark Williams.

New Works Online

I am an open window - Rachel Shearer

5 min 42 sec / Sound

“I am an open window contains a stoic duration filmed in lush super 8mm textures. Tonal shifts are layered with text fragments gleaned from two of Watch »


HEAVY METAL - Phil Dadson

17 min 34 sec / Sound

Demo for installation via two large LCD screens or two-screen projection.  Watch »


WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT. - Elisabeth Pointon

3 min 45 sec / Sound

Continuing the artists’ interest in the language, accessibility and representation, SPECTACULAR is a response to Plane Text, a 2012 Miami Art Basel Watch »

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Latest Commentary

E-book: The Time of the Now

CIRCUIT is proud to present The Time of the Now e-book. 118 pages of interviews, presentations and discussion from the 2018 CIRCUIT Symposium. Free to download from the CIRCUIT website. Read More »


Summer Reading Series#5: Bridget Reweti's Ziarah (2018)

Nearly 250 years ago, a large ship made its way from the Society Islands, charting south to its destination of Terra Australis. On board was a man who came to be revered, and loved, by the people he met. He was of course Tupaia, a tohunga, rangatira, ringatoi from the island of Ra’iatea. His role in Read More »


Summer Reading Series #4: Ronan Lee’s Big Night Down the Drain (Rain for Jacquie) (2018)

When I think of 'K Road Paintings' I think of the Rockshop mural near Upper Queen St, the faded aesthetic of garish labia swirls, loud moustaches, painted power boxes with cartooned figures. Artists who are sometimes collectable but mostly caricatures of their environment. Separate to this are the Read More »

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