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Newsletter September 2017

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CIRCUIT Symposium Round-up

Thanks to all those who participated in the recent CIRCUIT Symposium The Thickness of Cinema. A great week of installations, screenings, events and the symposium that mapped many spaces across the city of Christchurch/Ōtautahi. Particular thanks to our venues Christchurch Art Gallery, The Physics Room, Free Theatre, Wunderbar and WEA; and invaluable people on the ground, Priscilla Howe, John Chrisstoffels, Amy Marr, Jamie Hanton and the Physics Room staff who made so much happen behind the scenes. For those who were there, and those who wished they could have been, we are working on an e-publication to round everything up, to be released shortly.

New Works Online

A Party Political Broadcast - Murray Hewitt

30 sec / Sound

Artist Statement:"And you will miss sunriseIf you close your eyesAnd that would breakMy heart in two" Watch »


A Party Political Broadcast - Fantasing

30 sec / Sound

“We once had an idea to write a rock opera called "The 7 Stages Of Grief". We may or may not ever do this. It's been a rough few years." - Fantasing Watch »


A Party Political Broadcast - Janet Lilo

30 sec / Sound

“Last election close to a million enrolled voters from across New Zealand did not vote. Watch »

More Works on Circuit »
Recent/Upcoming CIRCUIT Activity

Presented by CIRCUIT and The Physics Room, Party Political Broadcast is a collection of 8 video works inspired by the format of the televised party political broadcast. Featuring new work by Janet Lilo, Murray Hewitt, Li-Ming Hu, Mark Harvey, Terri Te Tau, Miranda Bellamy, Fantasing, Callum Devlin, each of the artists in Party Political Broadcast were given a time limit of 30 seconds in which “to offer their vision for (New Zealand’s) future”. Read Jamie Hanton's essay on the works, the decline of demicratic representation in public broadcasting and follow the embedded links to watch the 8 commissions online.

Three commissions have been awarded for new works on Masons Screen, showing Sept-Nov 2017. The artists are Guillaume Cailleau, Matilda Fraser and Ana Iti (whose wonderfully nuanced work All the way to Te Rerenga Wairua is showing now). Also recently on Masons Screen was Being Space, a programme of three works curated by CIRCUIT's 2017 Curatorial Intern Priscilla Howe. Read Priscilla's essay about bodies, space and our conditioned social behaviour here.

Look out for Auckland and Wellington screenings of Thick Cinema, this years programme of Artist Cinema Commissions, this year curated by Mercedes Vicente and featuring new work by Fiona Amundsen, Joyce Campbell, John Di Stefano, Sam Hamilton, Kim Pieters.

And finally, a note to galleries/partners that all of our programmes are available to hire. Contact <director(at)>.

Latest Commentary

Curators Essay: Being Space, Masons Screen, Wellington 22 June - 14 September 2017

Everyday we share a physical relationship with the public spaces we occupy and the bodies we encounter as we move through them. These exchanges are sensory and tactile; on the sidewalk, on public transport, in the workplace, something is felt, experienced. The body has a language and it is Read More »


CIRCUIT Cast Episode 67: An interview with Mercedes Vicente

On the phone from London, Mercedes Vicente discusses the curatorial process behind Thick Cinema, CIRCUIT's 2017 programme of Artist Cinema Commissions with new work by Fiona Amundsen, John Di Stefano, Sam Hamilton, Kim Pieters, Joyce Campbell. Thick Cinema premiers 6.30pm, Friday 25 August at Read More »

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