Circuit Podcast

Posted Apr 29, 2020
By Mark Williams

In moments of change there is a window to act. How do we organise our politics around the new situation? How do we organise our institutions? What role should artists play in this? How do we move beyond short term solutions to long term ones? And if the next crisis - Climate Change - is going to change daily life for all of us, what do we need to put in place *now* for the long term?

Posted Jul 29, 2015
By Mark Amery

“Someone puts (up) a British flag and says ‘there’s nothing here’”. Our latest podcast features Dirk de Bruyn, an Australian experimental film-maker and guest presenter at the upcoming CIRCUIT symposium A Genealogy of Moving Image Practice.

Posted Jul 23, 2015
By Mark Amery

Ahead of his presentation at the upcoming CIRCUIT symposium, Shannon Te Ao talks to Mark Amery about Joanna Paul, poetry and the politics of domestic space.

This years symposium takes place on Saturday 15 August at Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland. Registration is $50. Shannon will be in conversation with Joyce Campbell. Book your place here.

Posted Jul 9, 2015
By Mark Amery

In this podcast Janine Randerson discusses her upcoming collaboration with CIRCUIT for the New Zealand Film Festival entitled Place Unmaking, featuring work by Alex Monteith, Richard Von Sturmer, Layne Waerea, Tim Wagg and others. We also discuss Randerson’s own practice of collaborating with scientists and engineers.  

Posted Jun 27, 2015
By Mark Amery

In conjunction with her show at Enjoy Gallery I thought I would of climbed more mountains by now, Bridget Reweti (Ngāti Ranginui, Ngāi Te Rangi) discusses lost utopias, her singing lessons and how Maori have adapted new spiritual movements.

Your host is Mark Amery, Music by Tlaotlon. Supported by Creative New Zealand

Posted May 25, 2015
By Mark Amery

"I'm more interested in shows with smaller budgets but bigger ideas".

Posted May 13, 2015
By Mark Amery

“I wanted to be very ambitious at a time when it looked like the economy was collapsing”. 

Posted Apr 28, 2015
By Mark Amery

In this podcast Mark Amery talks to pioneer pop artist and conceptualist Billy Apple about his survey at Auckland Art Gallery The Artist Has to Live Like Everybody Else. Apple reflects on his collaboration with Nam Jun Paik, his willingness to be cloned and his work with agencies from Saatchi and Saatchi to Womens Refuge.


Posted Apr 16, 2015
By Mark Amery

What makes a group of works an exhibition? How does one translate a public art action into the gallery? How does art give witness to catastrophe? These and other big questions on this CIRCUIT CAST as Emil Dryburgh, Mark Jackson and host Mark Amery review the recent St Paul St show Invisible Energy.

Posted Apr 2, 2015
By Mark Amery

What makes a video a performance? In this podcast Mark Amery interviews Denise Batchelor and Erica Sklenars about their work in the The Performance Arcade, an annual festival of “installation, performance art, sonic art, audio-visual art, interactive media, culinary art and live music” presented in shipping containers on the Wellington waterfront.