Julia Holden

Julia Holden’s arts practice is a cross-disciplinary hybrid of traditional oil painting, photography and film. Her hand made films quietly explore the idea of painting as a dedicated practice, a private, meditative ritual or habit. Making a work employs time, patience and craft to paint each of the individual works in oils (up to 1000) that constitute an ‘animated painting’ of 2-3 minutes duration (no audio component).

“I am committed to finding new and innovative ways of combining painting with other media to diversify potential outcomes for painting. Creating works with outcomes that range from large-scale public projections to small-scale internet or mobile phone devices allows the artwork to reach diverse audiences in their everyday spaces.”

Holden brings to her arts practice an extensive early career in film and television. Upon graduating from Elam, School of Fine Arts in 2007, she moved to Melbourne, where she gained Master of Fine Arts by Research from Monash University in 2011. Holden was a finalist in the premier Australian national emerging artist award, The Churchie, 2011, and was twice a finalist in Australia’s richest art prize, The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, in 2011 and 2012. Holden was one of 16 nationally selected Australian artists for SafARI 2012, the Sydney Artist Run Spaces unofficial fringe show to the Sydney Biennale. Since moving to Christchurch in 2012 she has participated in solo and group shows, and was a finalist in the 2013 Wallace Art Award, New Zealand.

Selected Exhibitions

Lyttelton Redux, Canterbury Museum, Christchurch
Draped Nude (Audrey Baldwin, after Henri Matisse), Performance painting at Auckland Art Gallery
Caroline (Ruby Cumming, after Leo Bensemann), New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Wellington
Audrey, Tiny Mural for the Social, Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch
Making Space, The Social group exhibition, Wellington

I’m Your Fan, Chambers241, Christchurch
Olympia, Chambers241, Christchurch
Leo (Sam Clague, after Rita Angus), Beca Heritage Week 2016, Christchurch City Council
Lyttelton Redux, Lyttelton Township, various locations, Lyttelton

2015 Through the Glass Ceiling, Tin Palace, Lyttelton

its like now, Artbox installation, Christchurch
#WishYouWereHereChch, 5 billboard installation and postcard edition, Christchurch
#WishYouWereHereChch, 5 billboard installation and postcard edition, Wellington
#WishYouWereHereChch, 5 billboard installation and postcard edition, Auckland
Julia Holden, 30 Upstairs Gallery, Courtenay Pl, Wellington
38 Days, CPIT Artbox, Christchurch
Present Tense, The Inconvenience Store, Christchurch

Something Super, FESTA, Festival of Transitional Architecture. Christchurch
38 Days, No Vacancy Gallery and Federation Square Screens. Melbourne, (Australia)
The Extraordinary Shapes of Geoffrey Rush, The Arts Centre, Melbourne, (Australia)
Austhetic By Night 2013 Federation Square Screens. Melbourne, (Australia)
Wish You Were Here, Christchurch
Drawn Together (group show), Lyttelton
Scattershot (group show), Christchurch

Off the Strip New Genres Festival 2012, Centre for Contemporary Art, Las Vegas, (USA)
The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (finalist), Sydney, NSW, (Australia)
SafARI 2012, Sydney Artist Run Spaces Unofficial Fringe to the Biennale. Sydney, (Australia )
AUSthetic 2012, Federation Square Projection Screen. Melbourne, (Australia)
ThreeOneSixOh 2012 Experimental Film Festival, Melbourne, (Australia)

The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (finalist), Sydney, NSW, (Australia)
The Churchie National Emerging Art Award (finalist), Griffith University Art Gallery, QLD
State of Design Festival, South Melbourne Town Hall. Melbourne, (Australia)
ThreeOneSixOh Experimental Film Festival, Melbourne, (Australia)
Master of Fine Art Graduation Exhibition, Monash University, Melbourne, (Australia)