Ziggy Lever

"My work involves making interventions into specific sites and archives. These interventions and responses, in the form of sculpture, sound, and lens-based imagery, playfully investigate the social production of knowledge. I think about materials as time-based documents that draw across temporal fields of installation. These come together in sometimes tenuous and provisional arrangements of things: image, intervention, and active research. My work draws on the scientific, cosmological, poetic, and institutional material, through an active researching of sites and (paradigmatic) structures. Unfolding investigations into sites and archives, and in varying cooperative modes of practice, my works relate improvisational making to archival contexts and readings." - ZL

Selected projects
Observatory for the Measuring Or Not Measuring of Sites of Observation (OMONMOSO), installation and sound archive with Eamon Edmundson-Wells and Dr Tim Natusch for “Observatory Project”, Audio Foundation, Auckland

title (to be specified), installation and sound archive submitted to AUT in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), ST Paul St Gallery One, Auckland

Il vento, altri aspetti (respirando e assaggiando l'aria) [The Wind, Other Aspects (Breathing and Tasting the Air)], audio-installation and sound archive in collaboration with Xin Cheng for Statzione di Topolò, Topolò, Italy

Looking Forwards and Backwards, installation and publication with Lucy Meyle for the ongoing collaborative project Knowing You're Wrong, Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin