Brent Hayward

"Multi-disciplinarian Brent Hayward produces challenging work that expresses the anger of the disenfranchised, sometimes through the depiction of intensely violent sexual relationships.

His films raise concerns about the dehumanizing effects of society and have encompassed themes of witchcraft, revelation, anti-fascism and animal rights. Though independently conceived, his work is reminiscent of Nick Zedd and the Cinema of Transgression in New York.
Hayward’s films include Mudslinging (1984), Beat It (1986), Dream Machine (1988), Slaughter House (1989), Slick (1989), Not the Life and Times of Sir Balzac Hardbodies (1999), Mondo Biko (1991), Rim (1991), Gatecrash, Hope, Gunplay, Manawanui and The Confessions of Johnny Barcode (re-edited in France in 2011). Hayward also self-published two comic books in 1981.
As a musician he has released records as a member of Wellington punk band Shoes This High, as a solo artist known as Smelly Feet and as part of the musical duo Kiwi Animal with Julie Cooper. More recently he has been performing under releasing CDs under the name of Fats White but now devotes most of his time to painting under that name." - Martin Rumsby, 2011
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Essay by Martin Rumsby (2012)