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AccessibilityNgā Āwhina

We work to ensure that CIRCUIT’s website is accessible as possible to those with disabilities or other specific cognitive requirements.

2022 website refresh

When we refreshed our website in 2022 we worked closely with Access Advisors to provide advice on how to improve the accessibility of our website. Specifically, we:

  • reduced the complexity of information across the site and designed pages with simple and consistent layouts

  • improved our alt text descriptive fields

  • ensured that navigational elements were clear and could be interpreted by screen readers

  • implemented a simple colour palette

  • structured our content using HTML5

  • and implemented accessibility improvements to the Vimeo player.

Further accessibility improvements

Our accessibility work is ongoing and we continue to work in this area.

We provide advice to the artists we include in our streaming catalogue about including subtitles and audio descriptions of their work, but unfortunately creating these for all the video works in our catalogue is currently beyond our resources.

Get in touch

We welcome your feedback about this website and any areas you’d like us to focus on to improve accessibility.

Please email us,