Candice Stock

b. 1987

Hi, my name is Candice Stock.

I was born and raised in South Auckland. I am a disabled contemporary Māori artist of mixed decent. I am passionate about using self-portraiture as a cathartic release of emotion.

In 1998 I was diagnosed with Irlan Syndrome, a form of colour blindness. I am missing the colours grey and blue then later, purple. This means I cannot see black and white properly and my colours are distorted. Bright light hurts my eyes and everything is constantly moving as if the world is a lenticular print.

When I began my art school degree in 2006, I focused on exploring my vision of the world. Half way through 2006 my world was turned upside down when both my legs were crushed by a two hundred and fifty ton truck in a serious motorway accident.

In 2007 I returned to art school with a plan; to use art as form of therapeutic release; to create a sense of normality within my world of confusion. 

Once I reached this sate of mind I was inspired to research people who live in a similar situation and have dealt with similar issues, which has brought me to my present exploration of the self. Self-portraiture allows me to explore and become aware of my identity, believing that the end product is not only a representation of aspects of my identity, but an insight to others.

My practice is very diverse and includes Film Production, Scene Making, Screen Writing, Wearable Arts, Jewellery, Sculpture, Painting and Print, Design, Web Design, Instrumental Composition, Poetry and Lyric Writing. 

CIRCUIT Resources

Essay by Megan Dunn

CIRCUIT Projects

Home Movies, Wellington (2019)

Selected Exhibitions

Home Movies, CIRCUIT/AURA Festival of Artist Moving Images, Wellington

Nuku: Symbols of Mana, Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt

On The Count Of Three!, Enjoy Art Gallery, Wellington